Thursday, October 8, 2009

So what’s the deal with all of this social networking stuff? It’s all over the place. I mean, even John McCain has a Twitter account, and my grandmother has Facebook. So really, why is all of this so popular now? I remember when I didn’t know anyone who had a cell phone, and when my dad got a pager I thought we were big stuff. We didn’t get the internet in my house until I was a sophomore in high school and that was the buzzzzzz, beeeep, uuuuehhhhhhhhh, kind. And when anyone was using the internet no one else could get a phone call. My AOL instant messenger time was limited to only certain hours of the evening—this was nearly catastrophic to my social well being.
Well, things have definitely changed! Here at Humphreys Flowers we started this blog over the summer, and soon after that began a Facebook page as well. But not only that, because of the overwhelming developing popularity of Twitter, we have one of those now too. And the best thing about that is that I just send Twitter a text of my tweet and it automatically updates my Twitter page! Very convenient. So you all should definitely check out our Facebook and Twitter pages—become a fan and a follower!

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