Wednesday, September 30, 2009

One of the most unique and creative wedding receptions that I have ever seen pictures of took place this past weekend. Located right in the middle of the antique tire business, a quaint, festive, and unique wedding reception took place, and we at Humphreys Flowers got to be a part of it.
Having their showroom cleared (kind of) white tables and chairs, a cake, and beautiful floral centerpieces took the place of most cars and tires. This was true for all but the cake however. Creatively located on a table top in the trunk of an antique car was a decadent masterpiece. Yes, the beautiful and surely tasty bridal cake was delicately placed on display on a car.
To make the elegant yet spunky reception’s look complete, various floral centerpieces were placed on the tables; however though, these arrangements were not all the same. This made the look even more fun and less uniform—but still cohesive.
Hanging from the metal beams in the ceiling were coordinating paper lanterns and strips delicate white fabric to polish it all off. And that is exactly the look they achieved—a polished and elegant, yet fun and festive wedding.

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