Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Eventful Trends

Last week at Humphreys Flowers we had the privilege of arranging the floral decorations for the grand opening party for Mountain View Nissan. Now this was not just a cute little center piece for a little buffet table . We called upon the expertise of our head designer, Butch Ferney, to work his magic!

And he sure did! Once again, I was amazed at how he was able to create something that was very different and yet still amazing. I was stunned by his incorporation of bold color, wispy height and a completely unique shape. His ability to experiment with different floral combinations to create something that has its own look is unprecedented. This is true for all of our amazing floral designers. Although they each have their different specialties and favorites, they can do it all! Make sure to check out these amazing pictures of the stunning centerpiece!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's Summer!!!

It’s summer! Well, not officially, but with only a few days lacking the commencement of the season and with the warm sun gleaming down, the lazy feel of summer is here! However, the busyness of work and daily responsibility continues. The positive side of this does mean that the it’s time for all of those summer festivities. Evening cookouts, pool parties, outdoor weddings, and many other fun events are reasons enough to get all of your friends together. For us here at Humphreys Flowers, we look forward to the excitement of designing for weddings, big events, and even backyard birthday parties! One of the highlights of working here in the summer is getting to see all of the beautiful arrangements for all of the fun upcoming events. It’s so neat seeing all of the centerpieces for parties, or bouquets for weddings before they ever get to their destination. The best part is getting to see the beautiful arrangements at the particular event for which they are intended. Just last weekend one of my former roommates got married. She had wisely decided to get her bouquets from Humphreys, and they were beautiful! Before the wedding I was able to see the gorgeous bouquets here at the shop and couldn’t wait to see them at the wedding. Later though, just to see her walk down the aisle with such a unique design, perfectly custom to her elegant and fun taste, made them even more beautiful! It’s amazing how much fresh flowers add to an event. Having them as a centerpiece on any kind of table at an event says so much. It gives a completed, polished look. They brighten up the appearance of any gathering or party and add a completely new element. So don’t forget to add that polished touch to the next event you plan!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Fresh Flower Fast Lane: A Change of Pace

Men, have you ever felt stuck in a rut when you send roses? I mean, you know that you are supposed to send roses for anniversaries, birthdays, and days when you have put yourself in the dog house, but does that really show her that you have thought about her? Does that make her feel special when you simply revert back to what you know is safe and easy? Maybe. That might be all you have to do. But, don’t you want to show her that she means more to you than just the cliché dozen?
What I am suggesting is that you branch out. A woman loves flowers, even if she says she doesn’t. She loves the idea that you bothered to take the time to get them for her. She loves to look at them and think about how beautiful they are, while thinking how wonderful you are. So why not give her that feeling on a whole different scale?
I know this idea scares a lot of men, but it’s really not hard. For instance, you call in and tell us that the recipient of the flowers is a younger, more contemporary girl who is really cheery. Some things that we might suggest are some arrangements or plants that look something like this:

These bright, vivid colors, and more unique flowers make a bold statement; sure to show the recipient that you had her in mind when you ordered.
Lets think of another instance. You call in and are looking for something for your mom. Now, she’s not old, but she definitely has an appreciation for a more classical look and elegant feel. We might recommend a few things that have this kind of look:

Offering both beautiful colors and a more sophisticated look, all while being fun and vibrant, these arrangements give you a great place to start.
So next time, for whatever occasion, we can help. Just remember that you can branch out and try something new, and she’s sure to love it!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fresh Flower Fast Lane: Intiation Day

Welcome to the first of many Humphreys Flowers blog entries! Our desire for this blog is to keep you updated on all of our upcoming events and provide you with helpful and purely fun, interesting information. We want you to be able to:
  • read about the newest trends for floral accessorizing
  • learn how to best care for you plants and prolong the life of your fresh flower arrangements
  • find suggestions for what to send to the special woman or man in your life
  • be introduced to more unique, thoughtful, and "out-of-the-box" ideas
  • feel acquainted with our "seasonal specialties"
  • be well informed about upcoming local events at which we will be present
  • learn much, much more.

As a local business, we want to provide you, our valued customer, with an unparalleled experience in all avenues of business. For these reasons, we do hope that you find this new blog to be of great help and interest. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and make sure to look forward to the next Fresh Flower Fast Line coming to you soon!