Monday, January 18, 2010

January Carnations

Every month has its own flower, January’s flower is the Carnation!

The Carnation dates back to Greek and Roman times. Theopharastus, a Greek botanist, named it Dianthus which translates as “flowers of god.”

Like roses, the colors of carnations carry a meaning.

Carnations in general: Fascination, Woman's Love
Pink Carnations: Mother's Love
Light red Carnations: Admiration
Dark red Carnations: Deep Love and Woman's Affection
White Carnations: Pure Love and Good Luck
Striped Carnations: Regret, Refusal
Purple Carnations: Capriciousness
Yellow Carnation: Disappointment, Dejection

The Carnation is the national flower of Spain and the Scarlet Carnation is the state flower of Ohio. (The floral emblem of the US is the rose, Tennessee’s state flower is the Iris and the state wildflower is the Passionflower)

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