Friday, July 17, 2009

Jackson Showcase

Last Tuesday our country recognized and mourned the death of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Tragic though it was for many, his service was nonetheless watched and appreciated. Amazingly, there were even tickets that were won by way of a lottery in order to determine the people who could attend his service. When the friends, family, and lucky lotto winners arrived, the stage was a spectacular sight to behold. The floral arrangements that lavishly framed the backdrop and front line of it and covered and cascaded over the gold casket collected the attention of even an untrained eye— paying homage though fine display. And this was indeed a fine display.
Many of us here at the flower shop noticed the spectacular display immediately. After the service, some of us thought it may be interesting to estimate the value of the casket piece alone. Well, this task proved to be extremely challenging due the limited point of view from the cameras, and simply from the high number of roses used! However, a rough estimate for the piece of this magnitude, at an adjusted eastern rate, would probably run approximately $1500 in our neighborhood—which would be a steal in California. The average casket piece ordered here runs about $150-300—just a small difference.

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