Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's Summer!!!

It’s summer! Well, not officially, but with only a few days lacking the commencement of the season and with the warm sun gleaming down, the lazy feel of summer is here! However, the busyness of work and daily responsibility continues. The positive side of this does mean that the it’s time for all of those summer festivities. Evening cookouts, pool parties, outdoor weddings, and many other fun events are reasons enough to get all of your friends together. For us here at Humphreys Flowers, we look forward to the excitement of designing for weddings, big events, and even backyard birthday parties! One of the highlights of working here in the summer is getting to see all of the beautiful arrangements for all of the fun upcoming events. It’s so neat seeing all of the centerpieces for parties, or bouquets for weddings before they ever get to their destination. The best part is getting to see the beautiful arrangements at the particular event for which they are intended. Just last weekend one of my former roommates got married. She had wisely decided to get her bouquets from Humphreys, and they were beautiful! Before the wedding I was able to see the gorgeous bouquets here at the shop and couldn’t wait to see them at the wedding. Later though, just to see her walk down the aisle with such a unique design, perfectly custom to her elegant and fun taste, made them even more beautiful! It’s amazing how much fresh flowers add to an event. Having them as a centerpiece on any kind of table at an event says so much. It gives a completed, polished look. They brighten up the appearance of any gathering or party and add a completely new element. So don’t forget to add that polished touch to the next event you plan!

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